MURASPEC – Vinyl wallcover

Muraspec has designed commercial wallcoverings and interior surfaces since 40 years. Muraspec is dedicated to providing high quality products and service.

Our products are available for all market segments, commercial real estates, offices, hotels, restaurants, healthcare institutions, private clinics, education institutions, beauty salons, fitness, wellness facilities, private property, etc..

Why should you choose our products?

  • Durability: The vinyl wallpaper has special durability, better fade / endurance resistance and tensile strength than conventional wallpaper.
  • The wallpaper protects better the wall than traditional paint. We have references from 8-10 years old wallpapers as well.
  • Fire protection: The Muraspec wallpapers have the best fire protection class. The vinyl products are EU B classified on EU tests.
  • Bio-Proof Coating: chemical material which does not let bacterium and microorganism colonise. Therefore it protects the surface against mouldiness and there is no need for common sterilisation.
  • Washability / Cleanability: our products are washables and regulary scrubbable, so that any impurities can be removed without damaging the product.
  • Quick implementation: The implementation is quite fast, so you do not have to wait till several layers of paint get dry and the smell of fresh paint ventilates.
  • Environment protection Reducing of CO2 emission and used energy- the CO2 emission has been reduced by 22% since 2004, fulfilled the Kyoto Protocol target of 12,5%, and the British government’s target of 20% reduction till 2010.
  • Cost effective: Installation & lifetime cycle.

Reduce: thank to the production of LEAN and 6 other Programs it was managed to reduce the amount of the waste material by 30%. Recycling: so far we know Muraspec is the first wallpaper manufacturer in the world which is able the recycle the complete wallpaper without an additional vinyl layer.